Bible Study
Leadership Training


Have you ever wanted to lead or facilitate a bible study? Would you like to learn some tips and practical ways to host and love on the women you gather together to study God's Word? 


Bible Study Facilitators Training is for you! If you are a young lady or  woman interested in learning how to be a small group facilitator, come join us. You will see that you can apply these tips to any type of small group.


Kristyn Howe and Cary Valdes have 30 years of experience in the do's, don'ts, and still learning. 

October 4

Three Sessions on Mondays from 7pm-9pm

October 11
October 18
For any questions contact: 

Kristyn Howe at 712.526.0617 

or Cary Valdes at 727.520.6447

October 4