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And he was 12

In Luke 2, we have the only story in which we find the Lord Jesus, as a tween. It is rare and quite important when the Bible notes time or age, (see v. 42). Surely this is special.

Are you twelve years old? Were you ever twelve years old? Are you going to be twelve? We may not even remember turning twelve; however, God wants us to remember this age. He thought it was important that we see and learn from Jesus and what it should look like to be a tween or teen.

Let’s break down what we learn from these Scriptures.

•It was the Passover holiday for the Jewish people. (watch this video to learn about Passover)

•Jesus’ parents are super worried, they just “lost” the Son of God.

•Jesus is 12 years old. This is the only time the Bible mentions His youth.

•His parents don’t find Him for THREE days!

•Jesus is at the temple, hanging out at “church” with the “pastors” and “elders”-spiritual people.


•Jesus obeyed His parents.

•Jesus grew in wisdom.

When was the last time you sat around older people, spiritual people, and asked questions and listened to them talk about Biblical topics? (Other than Sunday morning 😉)

Have you ever thought about spending some time with adults you respect and asking them questions about God? If it was good for Jesus, the very Son of God, to hang out at the temple (church) with those with Biblical wisdom, what does that say to us? Shouldn’t we do this, too?

If you want to further study this topic of Jesus being twelve, look up this passage in different translations or better yet, ask some older, wiser people you know about it. You may learn some new concept or you may receive encouragement for an area in your life that you need help with.

Matthew 7:7-8 TLB

“Ask, and YOU will be given what YOU ask for.

Seek, and YOU will find. Knock, and the door will be opened.

For EVERYONE who asks, receives.

ANYONE who seeks, finds.

If only YOU will knock, the door will open.”

(Capitalization and italics added)

God cares about your tween and teen years so much that He added this portion of Scripture to teach you and to give you direction for what you should be doing.

Now, don’t go getting lost. 😊 Let your parents know that you’ll be at church hanging out with the elders, pastor or spiritual leaders. Bring a notepad! You will surely learn a few things that you won’t want to forget!

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