Summer Bible StudY

Our Summer Bible Studies are offered Mondays or Tuesdays - pick which day works best for you!


The first week of the 8-week study will be June 21-22, 2021. We will break the week of July 4th and end before school starts.

Jude: Keeping the Faith

Stand Firm in the Faith and fight for the Truth.

In Keeping the Faith, Lianna Davis takes you on a deep dive into the book of Jude, where you'll learn:

  • Why Jude uses metaphors like waterless clouds and wild waves

  • What was going on in Jude's time theologically and why it matters

  • Why the warning passages can be a deep comfort to believers

  • Why it is important to know how to contend for your faith

  • How to appreciate new dimensions of your belonging Christ

We are sorry, our registration for the summer study is closed but keep a look out for our Fall study!